Sunday, 9 September 2012

The day when I scored a goal by freekick

The 1st eleven when have friendly match with Katana Fc
From top left : Me, Faidhi, Lokman, Ben, Yus, Amir
From bottom left : Afifi, Wan, Alan, Najmi, Aiman, Shahmi

It was a great feeling when it comes to freekick. Actually, in my team, there are a lot of people that can take freekick with their own style such as use powering, placing,curving, or tapping. Last Sunday was my friendly match with Katana Fc. Although we lost 3-1, we have played very well against a well-known team. 

I want to tell about the freekick. Alan was our team's striker. He was good enough to do some fakes, tricks, holding, and fast too. At that day, he got many rough challenged by Katana Fc's defenders. So, at the 1st time my team got freekick, I am nearer to the freekick's spot. So, my only intention at that time was to pick the ball and placed it on the spot, so that other's member can take the freekick. But suddenly I heard Yusri yelling, "Mal, ko amik mal!!!". I was just acted cool. Happy, nervous, confuse, pressure, all of this I felt at that time. So, I was ready to take freekick while my team's member ready to get the ball from the freekick. 

Firstly, I thought I just want to cross the ball to get my friend header on it. But all the Katana Fc's team was too big for us. So, I decided to kick the ball straight to the goal. When I want to kick the ball, I felt very confident, that I also do not know from where the confident comes. And guess what, it was goal and I'm totally happy although my goal's celebration didnt showed it.

This is the spot where I take the freekick. Same as robin van persie, I also is the left-footed. The ball went to the right side of me.  
Thanks to all my teammates because allow me to take that freekick. To get a gol from a freekick, sometimes it's also must have a friend call "lucky". Look how lucky I'm.

                                      Author : Lucas Akmal
             Time :
                                      Day  : Friday 7.9.2012
                                                              Place : Paklang's house at Parit Buntar

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

You Are Easy To Fall in Love

Last year, one Chinese old man called Mr. Chia (if I'm not mistaken) has an ability to read people's hand. He works at construction site in presint 8, putrajaya. One day, I has been given a tasks by my practical's company to have a site visit experience at putrajaya. So, when the 1st time I meet Mr Chia, he just smiled at me and suddenly ask my permission to look at my hand. And after about 2 minutes, he said something about me that I think it was true. What he said was impressed me and makes me a more careful man. What he said was "You Are Easy To Fall in Love"

                                                              Author     : Lucas Akmal
                                                               Time       : 12.00 a.m
                                                                Day        : Wednesday
                                                                Place      : Paklang's house at Parit Buntar

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Hear what yourself want to hear

I'm just want to hear the good things..
People say, good things are for the good guy..
Please tell me about the good things, that can change the world towards forgiveness, and peace..
Mostly, people say, it's their own mouth, so they can say whatever they want, without thinking other's feel..

They are totally wrong..
What they say can effect people lifestyle

But I'm not the person who can control what people saying..
So, don't tell me about the bad things..
Because it's gonna ruin my life, slowly without realizing it..

                                                                                Author  : Lucas Akmal
                                                                                Time     : 5.00 a.m
                                                                                Day      : Monday
                                                                                Place    : Home sweet home
                                                                                Reason : To improve my english